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Quit smoking in a healthy way

Smoking is a popular pastime around the world. In recent years, there has been increased concern about health and with this has come a decrease in smoking areas and a push for people to quit. It can be hard to stop a lifetime habit, but there are ways to help do this safely.

One of the first problems when quitting is knowing what to do with hands and mouth. Smoking involves these two body parts constantly, so it can be strange having them with nothing to do. It is at this point that temptation sets in and distraction is needed. There are many forms of this type of distraction, one being nicotine gum. For years people have used chewing gum as a distraction, so companies developed a nicotine gum that would still give the user that little nicotine kick allowing them to wean themselves off the drug at a slower rate. There is also the nicotine patch that people use in order to get that fix while striving to quit the habit. The latest in this group of distraction techniques are e-cigarettes, which work in a similar way.

A third option for distraction ‒ yet still obtaining that fix ‒ is Swedish snus. Snus is a wet tobacco that usually comes in a small pouch. These little pouches are simply placed under the top lip and held there. The skin is thin there and the nicotine can be easily absorbed into the body. In addition to this, there are nicotine-free Snus that can be used by those keen on quitting nicotine altogether.

These methods are all excellent but are not enough to for the smoker to stop the habit alone. A strong support group is always needed for the person who is quitting. It can be easy to slide back into old habits if there is no one around to direct and guide the user into a positive direction.
Quitting can be done in a healthy manner provided the user is consistent and has support.