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New Medicines Changing the Lives of Patients!

The medical world is becoming a far more exciting and hopeful place when compared with any previous era, as new medicines are now continually being brought onto the market which bring renewed hope to sufferers worldwide. Bringing new medicines to the market can cost billions of pounds and take many long years; however, now that so much more is known about the underlying causes and mechanisms of many of the world’s most common diseases and conditions, new treatments are being developed far more quickly than in the past.

New Multiple Sclerosis Medication

Multiple sclerosis is a terrible neurological condition which seriously reduces the quality of the lives of the millions of sufferers of the condition across the world. At present, there is still no single treatment that is completely effective in treating MS; all that can be done by medication is to slow the disease progression down and reduce the effect it has on people’s lives. However, for many people with MS taking the old medication through a daily injection was inconvenient and painful. Thankfully, new MS medication has come onto the market in the past few years, which can be taken orally. These new medications, such as Gilenya, are not easier to take but are also proving more effective than the older MS drugs.

New Medical Approach for Treatment of Depression

It is now widely acknowledged that depression can be one of the most debilitating illnesses on the planet, especially if left untreated. While traditionally a high percentage of doctors and psychiatrists have preferred to prescribe antidepressant medication, these can have the significant downside of taking several weeks to being working fully. A new medical approach being worked on for the treatment of depression and bipolar sufferers is a procedure called Low-Field Magnetic Stimulation. One of the most important benefits with this new type of medical intervention is that, according to the lead researcher from Harvard Medical School, low mood can be lifted almost immediately. This could prove to be hugely helpful in dealing with crisis depression situations where patients may be at risk.


New medicines and medical approaches are transforming the lives and prospects of patients. They are bring new hope to sufferers of some of the most challenging conditions in the world, including Multiple Sclerosis and Clinical Depression. As research continues to improve, the outcomes achieves should get better and better.